Rules of the Game

Logos March Madness will run from March 1–April 14, 2017.

We’ve pitted 64 authors against each other to compete for your votes. Pick your favorites, cast your votes, and save on theological all-stars who have won in prior years.

Winning authors advance to the next round; the more rounds they win, the deeper the discounts on a selection of their works!

Can’t find your favorite author in this year’s matchups? They may be featured in one of our new 24-Hour Face-Offs. Throughout Logos March Madness, we’re featuring select authors not included in the main competition in one-on-one, 24-hour knock-down drag-outs. At the end of each matchup, the winner’s works will go on sale! These sudden face-offs aren’t scheduled, and can happen at any time, check back often, or sign up below to be notified when they occur.

Voting will be open for each round on the dates shown below. Please note that voting for each round ends at 3:00 p.m. (PT) and there will be a delay before the next round begins.

Round 1: 3/1–3/8Round 2: 3/8–3/13Round 3: 3/13–3/16
Round 4: 3/16–3/21Round 5: 3/21–3/24Championship: 3/24–3/31

After each round, we’ll reveal a selection of discounted works by the eliminated authors. Here are the discounts:

Round 1 - 30% offRound 2 - 35% offRound 3 - 40% offRound 4 - 45% off
Round 5 - 50% offChampionship - 60% off the runner up’s worksChampionship - 70% off the champ’s works

Discounts will be available within 24 hours of the end of the round and will remain in effect until 11:59 p.m. (PT) on April 14.

The selection of titles featured in this promotion is made at the discretion of Faithlife and its partners.

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